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When you choose XTREME CLEANING for your cleaning needs, you can lean back and relax. Your home is in good hands. you can lean back and relax.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

With Xtreme Cleaning, your carpets become a whole new world to explore. Imagine walking barefoot and feeling the delicate texture of each strand of carpet like it was brand new.

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned will leave you with an immaculate home and fresh smelling floors. Our experienced cleaners have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to get rid of the dirt that’s built up deep within your carpets. With our high-powered vacuums and eco-friendly cleaners, you can feel confident about booking us for a job well done.

Organic cleaning supplies are especially important for your pets and kids, who should never breathe in harmful chemicals. Plus, green cleaning will expand your carpet’s lifespan!

Our cleaning process is quick and effective, but thorough enough to be done in 8 seperate steps. Find them below!


Quick Drying
Deep Cleaning
Carpet Treatment



Our technician will arrive at your home and make sure the carpet is clear of obstructions. This can include toys, chairs, laptops, drapes, and the likes. It will also be the time to tell your cleaner about any particular stains or spots that concern you.


To remove as much lint and dry debris as possible before cleaning, our team will complete an initial pass with our high-powered vacuum. This makes the hot water extraction more effective.


Pre-Spotting is similar to what you would do if you spilled wine on your shirt. We spray those individual stains before the treatment, so that they completely disappear during cleaning.


A few minutes before cleaning, an organic, chemical-free agent will be sprayed on the carpet. This agent’s mission is to dissolve grease and oil to make dirt more accessible.  

CRB Pre-Scrub

Counter Rotating Brush machines use two brushes to swoop in and get deep into your carpet, removing dirt, hair, debris, and allergens that may be trapped in the fibers. 

Hot Water Extraction

The deep cleaning process consists of using a high-pressure spray to break down dirt and soil in your carpets. The mixture then loosens any grime, debris, dirt, and soil that is deep within the fiber of your carpeting. A vacuum is used simultaneously to pull up all these loosened substances from the carpet backing.

Final Groom

By raking the carpet after applying a cleaning solution, we help speed up the drying process and give it the best light reflection. It also smoothes out any marks left in the carpet from footprints and vacuum lines, which makes it seem even nicer than before.

Final Walk-Through

Our technician will do a final check of the carpet, making sure every inch is up to your standards. They will make sure to pick up any equipment and place back anything they may have moved. 

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Upholstery Cleaning

Let your love for your home and family show with an Xtreme Cleaning! Experience the expertise of our professional cleaners, who have years of experience in discovering all hidden dirt and stains. Your furniture will be fresh, soft, and inviting you to get cozy after a long hard day at work.

You’ll never want to replace your furniture again after our diligent and thorough upholstery cleaning!

Make your house feel like HOME

Water Damage

Whether it’s from burst pipes, leaky toilets or leaking refrigerators, every minute counts if you want your walls and furniture to stay in good shape. Waiting only 72 hours means risking exposure to microbial growth, possibly leading to mold.

Mold can be dangerous when inhale, especially for young children.

If you’ve noticed a problem that may be the result of water damage, call us immediately so we can get started on the repairs as soon as possible to prevent mold growth from occurring.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Make your floors shine bright like a diamond. Tile and grout cleaning service will have you spending less time scrubbing on hands and knees, so you can spend more time with enjoying your life!

Get the white and gleaming style of a freshly scrubbed tile with our service that dries in about an hour. If you care about the aesthetic value of your home or office then we’re sure to be able to get it looking its best again!

Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment is crucial for the face of your business and the well-being of your employees.

Thankfully, cleaning is no longer a chore thanks to Xtreme Cleaning. With our heavy-duty machines and extensive experience, we can make any tedium disappear. Our staff has no problem hopping onto the elevators and riding up to the top floors so that they can clean every nook and cranny of your enterprise.