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When you choose XTREME CLEANING for your cleaning needs, you can lean back and relax. Your home is in good hands. you can lean back and relax.

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Commercial Cleaning

A clean work environment is the foundation of your success. It promotes a healthy and safe workplace and helps improve employee morale as well.

Put your sanitation duties on autopilot with Xtreme Cleaning! We make sure your business is free of litter, dirt, mud and all other types of filth.

With our cutting-edge machinery and well-trained employees, you can rest easy knowing that your scheduled cleaning will deliver the same spotless results every time.

Consistent quality

Trustworthy team

Businesses of any size
Fast and efficient
Flexible cleaning schedule
Discreet service
Safe cleaning supplies
Autonomous work

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From giant corporations to small business-owners, Xtreme Cleaning is here for all your cleaning needs. We have machinery adaptable to areas of any size, so no job is too big!

Wether you just need someone to dispose the trash and clean the floor/windows, or you need a deep cleaning and disinfection, we’ve got the service for you. 

Feel free to give us a call to get a free estimate and turn your business into a spotless haven for your employees. 

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Carpet Cleaning

When you schedule a professional carpet cleaning session with us, we will unearth all the dirt that’s buried deep within your carpets and remove it permanently.

We’ll use our high-powered equipment, quality stain removal methods, and eco-friendly cleaners to leave you with plush and fresh feeling carpets that warm your heart every time you walk barefoot on them.

Water Damage

Whether it’s from burst pipes, leaky toilets or leaking refrigerators, every minute counts if you want your walls and furniture to stay in good shape. Waiting only 72 hours means risking exposure to microbial growth, possibly leading to mold.

Mold can be dangerous when inhale, especially for young children.

If you’ve noticed a problem that may be the result of water damage, call us immediately so we can get started on the repairs as soon as possible to prevent mold growth from occurring.

Upholstery Cleaning

Let your love for your home and family show with an Xtreme Cleaning! Experience the expertise of our professional cleaners, who have years of experience in discovering all hidden dirt and stains. Your furniture will be fresh, soft, and inviting you to get cozy after a long hard day at work.

You’ll never want to replace your furniture again after our diligent and thorough upholstery cleaning!

Make your house feel like HOME.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Make your floors shine bright like a diamond! Tile and grout cleaning service will have you spending less time scrubbing on hands and knees, so you can spend more time enjoying your life!

Get the white and gleaming style of a freshly scrubbed tile with our service that dries in about an hour. If you care about the aesthetic value of your home or office then we’re sure to be able to get it looking its best again!