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How Often To Deep Clean Office?

Deep Clean Office
March 14, 2023

An office is a home away from home for your employees. Therefore it is crucial to keep your office clean and well-maintained by getting an office deep-clean from professionals.

If you regularly vacuum and declutter your office, you only need to get it deep cleaned by professionals once or twice a year. But many other factors affect how often to deep clean an office.

To help you know when it’s the right time to hire professional commercial cleaning services here, we will discuss the factors determining the frequency of deep cleaning your office.

Which Things are Included in Deep Cleaning Your Office?

  • Deep cleaning your office is crucial for both the physical and mental health of your employees and to improve the overall appearance and productivity of the office.
  • Deep cleaning includes different processes.
  • It requires more time and effort.
  • Deep cleaning includes scrubbing and mopping the floors and highly touched areas like door handles, switches or switchboards, and other light fixtures.
  • Deep cleaning your office also includes decluttering the space.
  • Cleaning the furniture in your office space is also part of office deep cleaning.
  • Professionals remove dust and dirt from the vents, baseboards, and ledges.
  • Deep cleaning involves wiping and emptying bookshelves, racks, cabinets, and other equipment.
  • Professionals clean all the toilets deeply and thoroughly.
  • Disinfect the lid, bowl, seat, and every corner of the toilet.
  • Clean all the washroom mirrors and showers, empty the garbage bins, and make them smell clean and fresh.
  • During an office deep clean, professionals Sanitize and disinfect all the other office essentials and high-traffic areas, such as the office kitchen and canteen.

Factors Affecting the Frequency of Deep Office Cleaning

⇒ Number Of Visitors

The number of people visiting your office daily affects the frequency of deep cleaning your office. For example, if you have high foot traffic in your office with a large number of visitors, your office may require deep cleaning more frequently than the business with fewer visitors.

Similarly, the number of employees in your business also affects the frequency of office cleaning. Fewer employees will create less mess, so you don’t have to clean an office with fewer employees often and vice versa.

⇒ Size Of Your Office

The size of your office also determines how often you need to clean it. If your business is in a small workplace, you can deep clean it annually or semi-annually. But if you have a large office, you may need to clean it more often due to high traffic and a larger area.

⇒ Shared Office Space

Lastly, if you share the office space with other businesses, you should check their office cleaning schedule. Sharing the cleaning schedule with other businesses will help you plan your cleaning in a better way and avoid clashing the different cleaning schedules.

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