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How to Care for Limestone Flooring?

Limestone Flooring
April 24, 2023

Installing limestone, along with its appealing aesthetics, also brings the responsibility of properly maintaining it. Different natural stone materials require different care. And so does your limestone floor.

So, to make it last longer and keep its shine intact for years to come, you must provide it with the best upkeep possible.

Therefore, this blog briefs upon some essential maintenance tips to help you take good care of your limestone flooring.

1. Give it a Sweep and Mop Correctly and Regularly

Regular sweeping and mopping are recommended for every flooring type. However, your limestone has the unique trait of being vulnerable to scratches. And so, you need to make it a point to clean your floor correctly without damaging it.

Remove the loose debris and dust before you deep clean it to avoid scratches and damage.

If you have textured limestone, sweep your floor with a soft-bristled broom to clean surface-level dirt and debris.

And for polished or honed ones, use a dry or dust mop to wipe away dirt.

You can also use a vacuum cautiously by not dragging it on the floor and instead, using a brush hair hose attached.

Remember to use a minimal amount of water while wet mopping, as it can quickly absorb excess water due to its porous nature.

2. Use Safe Cleaners Suitable for Limestone

When it comes to cleaning products, limestone demands extra care. You cannot use any random floor cleaner to deal with this kind of flooring. This natural stone is very delicate, although visibly durable, in nature.

Use only safe floor cleaning products that are specially designed for limestone cleaning.

Be warned not to use any citrus, acidic, or harsh cleaners as they can damage this material and may cause it to weaken and lose its colors.

Avoid using bleach, vinegar, soda, and citric juices for cleaning.

You can simply use warm water mixed with small amounts of ph-neutral limestone cleaner for that.

And don’t forget to test the cleaner on a hidden area before you use it.

3. Be Quick with The Spills

Spills on normal floor types are generally not much bothered about as we know they won’t absorb. But when it’s limestone, you have to be quick.

As we mentioned earlier, if it absorbs even the water while mopping, think about spills when left for longer.

Limestone comes with tiny pores that are ready to suck up all that falls, especially the liquid spillages. So, clean the spills as soon as they happen to avoid seepage.

This will protect the surface from staining and getting damaged.

If you keep the stains unaddressed for longer, it may even get harder to remove them and you don’t want to scratch the surface to remove them later.

4. Seal your Limestone Flooring

One of the best saviors of limestone is its sealer. Ensure that you seal your flooring while you install it. Also, keep resealing it every 3 to 5 years depending upon the wear and tear caused, as the sealers also get damaged over time.

Using natural stone sealers will help create a barrier between the surface dirt and the limestone pores. It will even prevent seepage of spills and protect its shine, helping you reap the amazing benefits of limestone.

5. Lay Rugs and Doormats

High-traffic areas damage your floor even more. So prefer to lay area rugs and doormats on entry points to reduce the damage and beating on your limestone.

This covering will collect all the incoming dirt before it gets into the tiles’ pores.

6. Provide Padding under The Furniture

Often unnoticed, the furniture legs can also cause scratches on the floor when moved. Consider padding your furniture and other objects that can be heavy or rough on your limestone tiles.

7. Repair And Regrout as and When Needed

It is easy to ignore some minor cracks or damage on your tiles. However, in the long run, it will start affecting the surrounding flooring.

So if any of the tiles or even grouts are cracking, even with minor harm, consider repairing them as soon as possible. Regrout and reseal the floor as needed.

8. Invest in Expert Care Periodically

Lastly, provide your limestone floor with professional deep cleaning and maintenance about every 2 years.

This is crucial because natural stone restoration experts are well-versed in dealing with different types of stone flooring materials. They are the ones that can give the best care to your limestone by tailoring the maintenance with the right products and techniques.

Stone Polishing Experts in San Marcos CA

Caring for your limestone flooring boils down to how you clean it, how you handle spills, and its sealing and protection. If you care for it the right way, it can even last a lifetime!

Further, if you want to consider hiring pros for your limestone flooring, trust Xtreme Cleaning. Right from cleaning to polishing, it will get the right attention it deserves.

Our natural stone polishing professionals can bring the pristine shine of your stone flooring back. With our complete maintenance, we will ensure it lasts longer and its beauty stays intact for years to come.

Call us at 760-613-8546 to retain your limestone’s luxury for a lifetime!

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