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How To Choose Furniture For Small Spaces?

How to Choose Furniture for Small Spaces
December 23, 2022

Small spaces offer more potential for decking up than they are given credit for. If you adopt the right strategies, you can unleash a lot of potential in a small space both in terms of style and functionality. It will have its share of challenges and assets alike, and it is up to you to choose the right furniture and design the space in a way that works for you. It should be in sync with your tastes and preferences. Here, we’ve put together some tips to choose furniture for small spaces

7 Tips On How To Choose Furniture For Small Spaces:

The furniture should be slim and trim:

This might sound like a no-brainer, but surprisingly, many people forget to take into consideration the disposable space when they buy furniture. For example, a sofa with a fat rolled arms or a multi-cushion back is a strict no-no for a small space. Instead, you should opt for one that has skinny arms, accompanied by a tight, upholstered back. Furniture stores in Dubai will spoil your choice when it comes to such products. Likewise, your dining table should have slender legs for a smaller dining space, and if you have a space crunch in your bedroom, you should settle for a bed with a simple headboard.

Push furniture to the edges:

When you have a small space, you definitely wouldn’t want to take up too much floor space right? To avoid this, try to tuck the furniture more towards the room’s periphery wherever possible. Say, for example, you can have bookshelves attached to the wall, you can mount the television, and so on. These are some basic ideas to enhance the visual expansion of a room.

Let your furniture pieces be versatile:

There’s no hard and fast rule that dining room furniture must be used in the dining room only. If you plan it well, you can make it perform or look nice even in some other room. For example, a dining room sideboard can provide ample storage space along with a surface where you can display books and collectibles. That way, a dining room sideboard will serve an important purpose in the drawing room. Likewise, a garden bench can be utilized as an extra seat at the dining table, while a vanity table can play the role of a compact laptop desk.

Secondary storage is a great option:

A small space will give you a limited place to stash things. This makes it extremely crucial to choose furniture that is equipped with storage. Tables with drawers or shelves are highly recommended, and so are ottomans with hidden compartments. You can repurpose an old trunk as a coffee table (and it will work better than you can think of!). Or if you have an extra tall bed, you can use it to tuck a lot of stuff, including your luggage.

Your furniture should be double-duty:

Here, we’re referring to furniture that serves more than one functional purpose. For example, you can get hold of a daybed that serves as a cozy couch during the day and a pull-out bed when required. Interior decorators also suggest things like using a dresser like a nightstand or a storage cart as a kitchen island. Check out furniture stores in Dubai to lay your hands on such pieces.

An all-purpose piece can be a savior:

A small and light piece of furniture such as a double-decker cart can go a long way in giving your small space a bigger feel. It can act as an extra area for kitchen prep. The best part is, you can easily move it into the drawing-room where it can serve the purpose of a bar cart or appetizer station when you have guests over.

Segment the space:

Contrary to the misconception that it is counterproductive, segmenting a space can give the impression of a larger room. Say in a studio apartment, you can use curtains or a fold-up panel to fake extra rooms. A divider placed adjacent to a corner can help you get the feel of a makeshift office, or you can use the divider to create an impromptu dining room in the kitchen.

The idea is to keep an eye out for furniture that can help you maximize disposable space. You can explore the following options:
Love seat: this refers to a short sofa made for two. Some of these are available in pullout models that are great for accommodating overnight guests.
Armoire: this is a tall cabinet that can be used as a wardrobe, or simply to hide games, books, or a bar.
Sofa table: also known as a console table, a sofa table is typically narrow and a tad lower than the sofa back, which makes it a fit spot for a reading lamp.
Parsons chair: this is an armless, upholstered chair that scores high on versatility. This slim chair can be used in different rooms, and styled in various ways.
End or side table: with a height of about a chair-arm, this type of table can be placed beside seating. You can keep a lamp, a beverage, or other things on it.

Just factor in the attributes of the room or house in question, and proceed accordingly.

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