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How To Get Furniture Marks Out Of Carpet

How To Get Furniture Marks Out Of Carpet
July 12, 2022

One of the familiar problems that affect the aesthetics of your carpet is marks caused due to heavy furniture in your home. It is a common issue that every household face. Fortunately, you can get the furniture marks out of the carpet using some easy methods.

But, the marks or indentation is not the main problem; the main problem is the wear and tear that may occur to carpet fibers. If the heavy furniture remains on the carpet for a long time, it may lose and untangle the carpet fibers.

In this blog, we will discuss how to get furniture marks out of the carpet and prevention steps for protecting your carpet from the furniture.

Easy Ways To Get Furniture Marks Out Of Carpet

Using Ice Cubes

  1. You can remove the furniture marks of synthetic carpet using ice cubes.
  2. Move the furniture and check for all the areas with marks.
  3. Fill all the affected areas with ice cubes.
  4. Let the ice meld and get deep into the carpet fibers overnight.
  5. The carpet fibers will absorb the melted ice and become filler.
  6. This process will significantly reduce the marks.
  7. The next day, blot as much moisture as possible and let the carpet dry.
  8. Once it is dry, fluff the affected area using a coin, spoon, butter knife, or something like that.

Using Steam Iron

  1. You can remove the furniture marks on natural fiber carpets by heating them using a steam iron.
  2. Remove the furniture from the carpet area and inspect all the marks.
  3. Now put a towel or any absorbent cloth in between the carpet and your flooring.
  4. Fill your steam iron with water and set it to a high temperature.
  5. Penetrate the steam jet into the affected carpet area by keeping the iron 4-5 inches away from the carpet.
  6. Let the carpet area heat and become damp.
  7. Wait for some time and blot the excess moisture from the carpet.
  8. Let the carpet dry and fluff it using a coin, spoon, or butter knife.
  9. If you do not have a steam iron, you can also remove the marks using a hair dryer.
  10.  Spray some water on the carpet area to make it damp and blow hot air using a hair dryer.
  11. Continue this till the marks disappear.
  12. And then soak the excess moisture and fluff the carpet.

How To Prevent Furniture Marks

Use Carpet Pads

Carpet pads are one of the best options to prevent indentation and marks from happening due to furniture. Pads absorb the furniture’s weight and prevent your carpet from being damaged.

Move Furniture Regularly

You should move your furniture once in a while. The heavy furniture compresses the carpet fibers and causes marks. Moving the furniture, in 1-2 months can prevent this.

Use Furniture Cups

Another way to prevent indentation is using furniture cups. These cups are fitted under furniture legs which significantly reduces the marks and indentation.

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