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Useful Tips To Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet

Useful Tips To Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet
September 12, 2022

Our carpets frequently receive a lot of foot traffic. Particularly in the case of business locations, this is true. Schools, workplaces, and public areas can practically require daily intensive cleaning. Therefore, removing high-traffic stains from any carpet may require professional assistance. Or you need some useful tips to clean heavily soiled carpet.

Even the carpets in a home can conceal the dirt and dander left behind by pets’ paws and footsteps. Although it cannot be seen by the naked eye, it can be harmful to the quality of indoor air. Here are some useful tips to clean heavily soiled carpet.

Tips To Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet


The first step you should always take is this one. Look for any difficult stains and pet mishaps on your carpet. What parts of the carpet need extra care? Identification of these stains is necessary for additional cleaning.


The next fundamental step has to be carried out. Clean your carpet at least three to four times. Vacuum the entire carpeted area, going in various directions. The carpet pile can be cleaned of both loose and submerged dust with proper vacuuming.

Use Stain Remover

Focus on the stained areas after you’ve finished vacuuming. The difficult stains can be pretreated with stain removers. There are several possibilities on the market.

But as an alternative, you might combine 1/4 of salt, vinegar, and borax. After using this remedy, allow the stains to completely dry. To get the stains out when the solution has dried, vacuum.

Steam Clean

Additionally, steam cleaning the carpet is recommended following stain removal because it is the most efficient carpet cleaning technique. Make sure the steam cleaner is filled with hot enough water. Utilize cleaning solutions that are compatible with the fabric of your carpet.

As an alternative, you can steam clean with 2.5 gallons of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. All of the embedded dirt melts in the hot water. The dirt is extracted with water during extraction. This process thoroughly cleans the carpet.


Use the steam cleaner’s water extraction mode to dry your carpets. At least 3/4 of the time, use this procedure. The majority of the water will be removed from the carpets in this way.

Additionally, let the carpets dry until they are practically damp to the touch. To speed up the drying process, turn on floor fans, ceiling fans, and air conditioners. The carpets can even be vacuumed for quicker drying.

How Often Carpet Should Be Cleaned Professionally?

The Carpet & Rug Institute suggests having your carpet professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months to maintain its optimum appearance and performance. Remember that this suggested frequency is merely a general recommendation and may change depending on your unique situation.

If you have a busy schedule or have no idea how to maintain your carpet. You need to hire professionals for your work. They are licensed and well-trained to perform any kind of deep cleaning. They have hi-tech equipment to make it more swiftly. They aim to provide the best service in this area. You can call them anytime if you need any kind of assistance.

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