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Different Types Of Stone Flooring Popular Today

Different Types Of Stone Flooring Popular Today
May 19, 2022

Stone flooring has existed since the first buildings came up. These are natural rocks quarried from the earth and prepared to use as a floor. Some natural stone floors are cut, polished, and installed right away, while others need more processing. There are myriad types of stone flooring, with each having unique characteristics.

Stone flooring is in demand for many reasons. It blends in well with all interior designs. Stone floors stand the test of time and are unique, versatile, and robust. They are easy to maintain and increase the resale value of your house. While numerous benefits come with them, let us glimpse the types of stone flooring available.

Different Types Of Stone Flooring


marble stone

When limestone or dolomite undergoes tremendous pressure and temperature, it changes into crystalline marble. It comes in several colors- from white to grey to green and black. White marble is the most popular choice. It is favored given to its luxurious and high-end appearance.

 Marble is one of the most known and used forms of stone flooring. It lends a classy look and has a dramatic veining, smooth texture, and a high gloss finish. It has a natural translucent glow and can be polished to get the desired shine. Many people sand it to get a hard matte finish, while many prefer to polish it for the glass-like shine.

You can install marble tiles in all shapes and sizes. Generally, marble gets used for bathrooms due to the spa-like look it offers. Marble is a highly porous material and needs proper sealing to avoid damage. It is not recommended for the kitchen as acidic liquids can deteriorate it. Although, it has an organic surface that resists dust and allergens, making it durable and safe.


granite stone

You need highly durable flooring for rooms like the kitchen, hallways, and lounge rooms. Granite fulfills this requirement aptly. It is available in many colors with little mineral specks or subtle veining. It is the most durable natural stone with high resistance to stains.

Granite reveals its color with polishing, although it comes in several finishes. It ranges from blue to purple and olive green to black hues. It is a flexible choice and works will all sorts of interior patterns. It is resistant to scratches and scuffs, perfect for high-traffic areas.


Slate stone

Slate is a popular choice with countryside-style houses. It is available in varied thicknesses and textures. Slate tiles amp up the appearance of any room, giving it a rustic touch. It is an excellent choice that lends a cleft finish to the area. Moreover, they are cheap than other stone tiles.

Slate tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean. They are highly water-resistant and durable. It makes them the best fit in the kitchen and central areas of the house. Slate needs leveling before installation to ensure an even finish.

Slate is best to install in wet places and supports underfloor heating being a good conductor of heat.


Travertine tiles

Travertine forms when hot water springs bubble through a limestone. This process lends it a sponge-like appearance.

Travertine has a porous surface with small holes. Premium-grade travertine has fewer holes and comes in vibrant colors. Its unique character and appearance fit well if you want a historic look. Travertine comes in warm colors, from ivory and gold to beige. It works well in bathrooms, shower stalls, and around pool areas.

Tumbled travertine comes in a sandy color and is slip-resistant. It is also heat resistant being highly porous.

Travertine tiles are prone to scratches like marble. It also gets damaged due to harsh or acidic cleaning agents. It can prove to be the most durable stone flooring when installed properly.


Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed of calcium carbonate in mineral calcite, similar to marble. It occurs in various colors and is rustic in appearance. Since limestone forms in shallow marine water, its smoother types also depict the impressions of fossilized sea creatures.

Limestone complements varied home decor, ranging from white to warm honey and darker tones like grey and brown. It comes in coarse and smooth textures with an earthy look and feel. Limestone is durable against heavy traffic, thus the best fit in the busy rooms. However, it is prone to scratches and requires proper sealing to prevent scuffs.

Limestone is also resistant to mold and bacteria, making it ideal for bathrooms. It is not stain-resistant, and you need to be careful with spills around limestone. It deteriorates readily when in contact with acidic and harsh chemicals. As a result, the kitchen is not the right place for them.

A Final Word

Natural stone tiles come in a stunning variety of colors, textures, and finishes. They suit every home interior style, from modern and luxurious marble to countryside slate. They are relatively easy to maintain compared to other types of flooring options. Stone flooring goes well in high-traffic areas, while most varieties are resistant to stains and dirt.

Choose the stone type based on what look you want to create. For example, marble flooring in the bathroom gives it a plush modern look. And slate or flagstone pairs well with Mediterranean interiors to lend a countryside cottage appearance. They seamlessly link the indoors and outdoors; for example, travertine works well for poolside pavement.

Stone flooring has gained popularity over the years, being hardwearing and low-maintenance. Its ability to lend a modern living the much-required comfort and peace of effortless cleaning is one of its best properties. If you want to get your stone flooring polished, you must call professional stone polishing services.

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