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Ways to Extend The Life of your Carpet

Extend The Life of your Carpet
May 9, 2023

Carpets are beautiful installments to your floor. They give a pleasant and attractive look. But if these elegant yet expensive carpets are not maintained properly, they will be worn out and have a dull and dirty appearance which would decrease the strength of the fibers. Thus, to increase the longevity of the carpets, read this blog to learn five different ways of extending the life of your carpets.

Which Ways to Extend The Life of Your Carpets?

1. Vacuum Regularly

Your carpets face high foot traffic and lead to the buildup of dust. Vacuuming the carpets regularly keeps them dust and germ-free.

Use good quality vacuum cleaners so that the carpets are deep cleaned or else the bad quality ones might leave a particle tangled into the carpet fibers and cause wear and tear. Regular vacuuming of the carpets will keep them clean and maintained and give them a refreshing rejuvenated look.

2. No-footwear Policy

Footwear gets a lot of dust particles. Raise a no-footwear policy at your place to protect your carpets from all the dirt and debris.

When visitors enter your place they bring along all the dirt in their footwear that accumulates in the carpet fibers and causes harm by loosening them. Thus, if the footwear is avoided, the carpets will remain safe from the soil and grime.

3. Spills and Stains Treatment

Many times it might occur that you, your visitor, or your pet accidentally spills something or leaves stains on your carpets. Wipe out the spills and remove the stains as soon as you notice them. You can blot the spills with some warm water and a clean cloth.

If the stains remain for a long time, they become dry and harder to clean. Greasy stains can be treated with dishwashing liquid and water, whereas you can treat the non-greasy stains on the carpet by cleaning with baking soda. Avoid rubbing the stain as it will damage the carpet fibers.

4. Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight affects the carpets, leading to a change in color and making fibers frangible. The carpets fade away due to high radiations from the sun.

Thus, it is advised to protect the carpets from direct sunlight by adding curtains, blinds, or barriers so that less amount of light enters without causing any harm to them. You can also place any furniture to block the light falling on a single spot on the carpets.

5. Invest in Professional Cleaning

There might be instances where you damage the carpets unintentionally while performing DIY cleaning methods. Thus, the best way to extend the lifespan is to call a professional.

Experts use the best and latest equipment and processes for cleaning carpets. They provide satisfactory results in cleaning, maintaining the appearance, and ensuring the longevity of the carpets without causing any damage to them.

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